Per January 1, 2021 SSSBB will start a cooperation with Dutch Indonesia Soccer academy. Chairman Eric Reijnders signed an agreement for the upcoming 5 years with an option for 5 additional years. The intent for this cooperation is to improve the soccer infrastructure on Ambon to a professional level.

SSSBB in cooperation with DI Soccer academy wants to establish the best youth program in Indonesia, all aspects of a professional youth program will be up for improvement “ Scouting, Talent development and all other supporting facilities “ Di Soccer announced.

The Future goal is for DI soccer Academy is to establish multiple locations all across Indonesia.

SSSBB believes after pioneering for 5 years this cooperation with a Dutch soccer academy is the ideal next step. Director Gert Jan Tomassen: “This cooperation is mainly about soccer but we will not forget focusing on the local community. The development of youth has not been up to the level we see in The Netherlands. The Youth on Ambon and later the whole of Indonesia will benefit from our knowledge about youth development.

With a new facility on Ambon that can match the level we are used to in The Netherlands we believe we can make large steps. 8 Hectares of building grounds is available for this new yet to be built academy on Ambon. We will have space for 2 grass Pitches, 2 Astro turf pitches and additional buildings for medical and physical support. We also intend to include facilities for other sports like: swimming, indoor soccer, Athletics, Boxing and taekwondo. We also want to include offices, shops, living space for talents and potentially a hotel facility.

DI Soccer academy is being led by a Dutch staff of trainers, scouting and support staff, DI soccer will enter in an agreement with a Dutch professional soccer team, If possible we will cooperate with this professional team to achieve a professional soccer Club on Ambon. When the previous plan would for one way or another not work out we have the intention to cooperate with at least three Indonesian professional teams to give talents the opportunities to improve. We also intend to send talented players to The Netherlands so they can improve their talent and improve their skills. This will also give them an opportunity to meet talents of their own age.

DI Soccer academy works with multiple trainers with a Dutch Football association training license, These training will be active on Ambon throughout the year. These training work under the head of player development, We are pleased that we managed to sign Mr. Toon Hartemink for this position. Mr Hartemink for the last 10 years has been working as head youth scout for professional club Vitesse Arnhem. Together with Mr Reijnders they will make the first steps towards professionalizing the scouting for the Maluku Island region of Indonesia and later will expand this to more cities and regions throughout the nation.

With signing the cooperation contract we cleared the path for Dutch companies and investors to get on board. Together with Dutch we look for ways for them to become active in Indonesia and in return help us with sponsorship deals to achieve our goal of setting up the academy on Ambon. We will also reach out to Indonesian companies to invest and sponsor our academy. We signed Mr. Dirk Boerma for this task.

Mr. Boerma has been active in sport marketing for all his professional
career throughout Asia and Australia and has been living in Jakarta for
the last fifteen years. In this capacity he will bring a wealth of
knowledge and contacts throughout sports and retail to the table.

With this setup and placement of the right people we hope to achieve the
goals we have set out to achieve for ourselves. We have great faith in
the people we managed to sign to help us achieve the goals for our


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