The Facilities

In the upcoming years the financial developments in Ambon will grow exponentially, creating a climate where bigger and foreign companies will settle in the region. To make sure the local population can benefit fully from this development it is of the utmost importance that we realize this project as fast as possible.

We will provide the grounds and will support the development of the sports facilities. It is important that we have a partner that has knowledge on schooling, the school will be built on our own grounds so we can make sure it will always be available and accessible for the children of the region and to give perspective to generations to come.

For the future we are currently planning an expansion of 10 new academies within Indonesia, These academies will provide the foundation with nationwide coverage so talented players can play and develop in their local area. It is also our intention to open up these facilities for the local population to use.

On every location we intend to provide Dutch support staff for managing, training, scouting and other important positions. Every location will have a dedicated scouting staff that will be supervised by a national head scout, This way we can create a nation covering network of scouts that can cover larger cities and surrounding areas. This will also include local football camps and master classes.

The plan is to provide the following cities with a academy;  Makassar, Balikpapan ,Surabaya,

Yogjakarta, Semarang, Bogor, Jakarta, Palembang , Pandang and Medan.


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