The foundation is active in two different locations throughout Ambon, from where we facilitate training opportunities for children from ages 6 to 14. On one location we also provide swimming lessons for approximately 50 children Monday to Friday. All this is done to achieve the goals we set out as a foundation.

From Monday to Friday we support football training to approximately 250 enthusiastic children in their respective age groups. The Training is given by a structured plan and schedule to support development and progression created with the VTON football methodology. We also use the Dotcomsport player tracking software to monitor individual player progression and development.

Location One: Mandala Football Stadium Is where our football school is located, and serves as a training facility for the regional elementary schools

Location Two: Latari training centre, Here we provide training facilities for around 25 local schools. Gifted and Talented children will be given the opportunity to be further trained on location one, where our football school is located.

In cooperation with Pattimura University and on their request we established a student team between the ages of 18 and 21, This team follows our self developed development program and is also supported by the Dotcomsport individual player tracking system.

On a regular basis we visit the local elementary schools, where we provide football master classes to local children and these will be given the opportunity to get additional training at our football school.

The swimming lessons we provide are using the in The Netherlands established training methodology called Survival and is aimed to provide basic swimming techniques to children and adults. When enough time is available we also extend the training based on the Dutch diploma system from A to C.

We regularly visit the local villages and suburbs to organise activities to connect and make children and adults alike enthusiastic for football with fun games and other activities surrounding football but we also love to include old Dutch customs and games.


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